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The Kinot of the First Crusades: History, Poetry, and Themes

  • July 05th
  • Summer 2017 - Wednesday
  • Time - 10:00am till 11:15am
  • Location - Maimonides School, 34 Philbrick Rd., Brookline
  • Cost: $60 - Kinot Registration

The Kinot of the First Crusades: History, Poetry, and Themes

Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe


10-11:15a m
3 Sessions: July 5, 12, 26
Maimonides School, 34 Philbrick Rd., Brookline
$60 Registration
If cost is of concern, please click here to pay by sliding scale
Open to women only

In this 3-part series, we will look at a selection of the Kinot of Tisha B'Av, and investigate their historical background, poetic turns-of-phrase, and major ideas and themes, which help set the tone for the Tisha B'Av day.  We will consider both the events that the Kinot commemorate, and also the historical context of the authors writing the liturgical poems, and continue to keep Tisha B'Av relevant even in changing times.  We will also look at the poetic techniques used and the allusions to Talmudic and Biblical material that keep the Kinot rich and resonant.  This year, we will look at the Kinot of the 1st crusade, the specific unique themes they raise, and the historical and halachic questions the crusades presented.

Rabbi Yaakov Jaffe serves as the rabbi of the Maimonides Minyan and as a member of the Judaic Studies Faculty at Maimonides School. He received his ordination and doctorate from Yeshiva University, where he holds graduate degrees in Bible, Jewish History, and Jewish Education. Besides teaching at Ma'ayan, Rabbi Jaffe has lectured and written widely on topics in Medieval Jewish History, Jewish Education, and Jewish Law. Rabbi Jaffe's unique approach to Tanach, Tefillah, and Hebrew poetry is informed by his B.A. in English Literature from Columbia University and the historicist approach to the study of ancient texts.


“Rabbi Jaffe is a skilled teacher with a breadth of knowledge that enhances what he's teaching beyond the text in front of us.  Plus, the students are women with text skills, life skills, and practical knowledge that enrich the learning and bring it all to life.”

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